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 In a continuous effort to disseminate the scientific findings more efficiently and to ensure quality and timely publication, all peer-reviewed reviews and articles accepted on and after March 1st, 2020 for publication in International Journal of Molecular and Clinical Microbiology will carry an Article Processing Charge (APC) of 5000000 IRR made payable either by the Iranian author(s), funder(s), institution(s) or employer(s) after peer-review and before publication.

Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2021 

Research Article

1. Recombinant production of chimeric protein Mfp-3-GvpA in yeast Pichia pastori

Pages 1495-1508

nazanin bolghari; Hadi Hbibollahi; masoumeh anvari; hossin shahsavarani

3. Curcumin and restoration of ciprofloxacin susceptibility to clinical isolates of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa with mutated genes involved in ciprofloxacin resistance

Pages 1515-1523

Saeid Rahbar Takrami; Mehrnaz AhmadSharbafi; Hossein Motahhary Tashi; Payam Shahnazi Gerdehsang; Najmeh Ranji

5. in vitro anticancer and antibacterial activities of Avena ludoviciana L.

Pages 1530-1539

Monavar-ul-Sadat Mousavizadeh; Hosein Aghajani; Mana Kheyri; fatereh Rezaei

7. Molecular detection of Critidia fasciculata and other blood parasites in Rhombomis opimus from northern Iran as endemic area

Pages 1548-1555

Yousef Dadimoghadam; Hajar Ziaei Hezar Jaribi; Mahdi Fakhar; Abdolsattar Pagheh; Reza Saberi; Mitra Sharbatkhori; Hossein Ghalehnoei; Eisa Nazar; Baman Rahimi esboei