Keywords = Biofilm
Number of Articles: 4
1. Effects of Citrus limon (L.) essential oil on Pseudomonas aeruginosa: complemented with a computational approach; focus on quorum sensing

Volume 10, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2020, Pages 1258-1274

Arghavan Arjmandi; Khosrow Chehri; Isaac Karimi

2. The ability of uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolates in biofilm formation on urinary catheter and association with bcsA and draE genes

Volume 6, Issue 1, Summer and Autumn 2016, Pages 652-660

Ailar Jamalli; zahra khozain; Ayatollah Nasrolahi Omran

3. Evaluation of biofilm-forming capabilities of urinary Escherichia coli isolates in microtiter plate using two different culture media

Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2013, Pages 244-247

Motahareh Samet; Ezatollah Ghaemi; Shadi Jahanpur; Ailar Jamalli

4. Quorum quenching for the management of dental plaque microbes

Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2012, Pages 180-184

Jagvijay Singh; Pradeep Kumar; Mayank Uday Charaya; Vivek Kumar