Prevalence of Arcobacter species isolated from human and various animals in east of Turkey

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bingol univertiy


This study was conducted to determine presence and distribution of Arcobacter spp. by conventional culture and a multiplex PCR (m-PCR) in the intestinal content samples that are collected from the cattle, sheep and goats and in the faecal samples of people who reffered to the hospitals in the east of Turkey, because of complains about gastroenteritis and diarrhea. In the examination of the total 800 samples, containing 200 swab samples from each of animal species (cattle, sheep and goat) and 200 human faecal samples, Arcobacter spp. were isolated from 2.25 % (18/800) of the samples. The isolated Arcobacter strains were identified by genus and species specific PCR assays. The isolation percentages were calculated as 2.12% (17/800) for A. butzleri and 0.12% (1/800) for A. cryaerophilus. None of the human and animal samples were found to be positive for A. skirriowii.
In conclusion, this report confirmed that the presence of Arcobacter species in human and various animals feacal samples in the east of Turkey. In addition, the present study is the first study to demonstrate the existence of A. butzleri and A. cryaerophilus in goats intestinal content samples in Turkey.


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