1- How do I Submit my manuscript?

To submit a new manuscript, log in to the 'Author Main Menu' and click 'Submit Paper'. Here you can submit all the data that comprises your manuscript - text files, images and descriptions. Required steps will be noted in red text on each page. The steps will vary by journal and by article type. For submission guidelines, please refer to the 'Guide for Authors', which can be found on the journal's homepage or contact the Journal Office with specific questions. For more information see our

How do I track my Submission in the IJMCM System?

Once your manuscript has been submitted to the journal, you can track its progress by viewing your submission in the Submissions Being Processed list.

Do I have to pay if my manuscript is published?

The authors never pay any charges for submission, article processing and publication.

What happens after my article has been accepted?

While the manuscript files are handed over to production for data processing and typesetting, you (being the corresponding author) will stay in touch with us through My Publication.