Evaluation of the Probable linkage between Cytomegalovirus and Type 2 ‎diabetes ‎

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Microbiology, Shahr-e-Qods Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Some recent investigations, have suggested a probable linkage between cytomegalovirus ‎‎‎(CMV) and developing diabetes. But still there is not enough literature to assess the rate of ‎‎this association. To this purpose, in the present study for detecting CMV genome, serum ‎samples ‎of 50 type 2 diabetic patients as the test group with an optimized PCR ‎ reaction ‎were ‎tested. Sex, age and A1C parameter related to this group were recorded too. The ‎‎specificity of the PCR test was 100% and its sensitivity was 100 copy of the viral genome ‎‎in the sample. The related results were compared with the control group that was included ‎‎‎50 non-diabetic participants. The CMV genome did not find in None of these 100 samples. ‎‎No related effects were observed between sex or amount of A1C and association of CMV ‎‎genome in these patients. However, it seems that the age parameter is effective in this ‎‎regard. Comparing these participants with some other similar research suggest that this ‎‎association rate is not very high and the virus only in elderly age can be considered as a ‎‎‎probable risk factor. Thus, for managing diabetes should be more concentrated on ‎the ‎‎well-known factors such as obesity or unhealthy lifestyle.‎